Tuesday, August 3, 2010

beach trip in pictures

Just got back from a fabulous beach trip to St. Simons, GA. My sister Jennifer's in-laws just bought a house down there so we were blessed to get a quick trip in before the summer was over.

This was our first trip to the beach with little kids, but we had a blast. The weekend was full of, but not limited to...

To Do Lists
[cleverly crafted by little sis, Robin Anne, who had obviously had a cocktail or two while creating]

If you can't read it from here, it says....
9:00am - Beach (men will take supplies)
12:00 - lunch made by men
2:00 - lounge by pool and watch men entertainment
4:00 - men fix women cocktails and appetizers
6:00 - men fix dinner and fix more cocktails for women
7:00 - men fix kids dinner and cocktails for women
8:00 - men bathe kids and fix women cocktails
9:00 - men put kids down and fix cocktails for women
10:00 - play catchphrase and men put women to bed

low country boil...yum!

dinner for kiddos

Beach fun!

message in a bottle

quite the set up

boys watching the men...

...play their new favorite beach game, made up by Tee

wake skimming (?)

sand castles

playing in the black mud

attempting to get sun, for the first time this summer!

and overall CUTENESS!!

oh, and SnoBiz snowcones
my favorite!!