Monday, August 16, 2010

piece by piece

As I've mentioned over and over, I feel like our home is slowly coming together - piece by piece. The mad move-in rush that we experienced early on has definitely slowed down, and now we take it one project (or two) at a time, as we're able. That's part of the reason I've only included pictures of our living room, which was our first "completed" project. Now, 8 months later, I reveal to you...the dining room!

Before the photos, tho, I need to give one big shout out to a great friend of Jamie and I - Mr. Aaron Harris!! Aaron is a super talented lawyer, artist, and friend (so many gifts for one person!). The preview that I gave you earlier was of a painting that Ernie, as we affectionately call him, created and gave to us as a wedding present. It is one of our favorite things in the home, and is displayed in a place where we spend so much of our time. Thank you, Ernie, for such an amazing gift!

Isn't it beautiful?! The story behind it: it represents the idea in marriage that two become one. We start out as
two individuals (characterized by the distinct colors and brushstrokes), and marriage makes us one.
And as the years go on (as you move down the painting) we continue to become more and more one and the same,
while still maintaing our individuality and sense of self. He also painted it upside down so that, when displayed,
the paint drips would appear to be going upward - as all marriages should point upward, to God.

Painting + Light fixture = completed dining room!

Now come join us for dinner!!

[One day I will own a nice camera and learn how to best work with the light I have. Forgive me, as these pictures do not do the piece justice!]