Thursday, August 5, 2010


Jamie and I have some seriously talented friends, and one of them just brought us our wedding gift last night. I've included a preview, but will wait to reveal the whole thing once we've worked out how to hang it (and I can figure out how to work the lighting so that the picture actually does it justice!).

On another note, we're just filling our weekend with more projects. Still trying to figure out what color to stain the door, hanging light fixtures (SO excited to show y'all the final product once our dining room fixture is hung...I LOVE it! And it just so happens that is where our new gift will hang as's coming together. Yay!), and trying to figure out what to do with a moldy crawl space and all the things we have stored down there. That last one somewhat depresses me.

But on a happier note, our boss gave us some extra holidays this summer, and tomorrow is one of them. I'm going to wake up at 8am, sip coffee on the front porch, watch the Today Show, go to a long lunch, and then get a start on the list.

Happy weekend!


milliec6 said...

Molly, I just love keeping up with you through your blog. I know your mama is so proud of you and I am too. You are so domestic and have done such a good job and shown such good taste in all that you have done with your home. Thank you for letting me get a glimpse into your life. Love, Mildred

Molly Hargather said...

Mildred! Thanks so much for reading. I love catching up with Katherine's life via her blog as well. Exciting things happening for them...and Millie is beautiful!!! Hope to see you soon!