Friday, August 20, 2010

it's friday

and this post is full of randoms:

Tuesday night, Jamie and I headed to a college ministry we're going to be getting involved in this fall. Should have checked the calendar, cause we were the only ones there! So, the husband spontaneously decided to take me to Souper Jenny's. I've been dying to go for a while, and it was great. But, in my opinion, slightly overrated. Think I'll give it a go for lunch sometime, as that seems to be where all the buzz comes from.

Then he wanted to take a drive down Peachtree Street. Summer night, with the windows down. Quintessential Atlanta night.

This is the husband at the end of the date. Who requested that we make a special trip to Burger King to get a slice of their Hershey Pie. Not to share. For him, alone. This is the same husband who once told me (way back when we were just friends) that he didn't like sweets very much. And that he now blames me for his sweet tooth. One day I will dedicate an entire post to that statement, because it's just too funny.

When we were leaving Augusta this past weekend, mama handed me a vase filled with hydrangeas! They are my favorite, and mom has them growing in abundance all over her yard. They've been gracing our house all week long, and I'm really hoping they'll dry nicely so I can keep them around. (It's the little things, right?)

Tomorrow is lake day to celebrate a birthday. And it's supposed to rain all weekend. Boo. Although a trip to a lake house on a rainy day does give the best excuse to lounge and relax!

And if the weather holds up tonight, we're
going to see Jack Johnson at Lakewood! Can I get a yessir?! Jamie and I both heart JJ big time. I mean, so much so that we danced to his song Better Together as our first dance as husband and wife! Little sister is in town for it, so let's hope the rain goes away!

This picture is of some of our favorite friends when we went to see Jack exactly two years ago this August.

T minus 2.08 hours...happy weekend!