Thursday, July 29, 2010

using what you grow

As I've mentioned before, we have a little herb garden out back (thanks to Gavin and Lindsay's initiative). I should really post an updated pic, because it has grown so much! The basil and other herbs are in abundance, and we've been eating tomatoes at least twice a week. The peppers are having a tough time, so we'll have to see about them.

So, here are a few pictures of what we've been doing with some of these home-grown goodies.
[Sidenote: Forgive my poor camera and impatience with it...picture quality ain't so good.]

Handful of mint leaves + lemonade mix + water
= mint lemonade. Yummy! [We've also used basil!]

Which we just happened to use in
some Azaleas* we made

When you think of basil, you think of...Pesto!
[LOVE my magic bullet, if you can't tell!]

Throw some tomatoes on top

And you get a pretty delish semi-home-grown meal

Of course we also use our garden for plenty more, including garnishes, rosemary potatoes, thyme and cheese appetizers, etc.
*If you're curious what an Azalea is, there are plenty of recipes out there, including this one. They get their popularity from the Masters golf tournament and are a favorite of mine and my family! We simplify it and use what's generally on hand - vodka, lemonade, and a generous splash of cranberry juice.

Heading out at 3pm today, and will be here all weekend -