Friday, July 9, 2010

giveaways, iPads, and lemonade stands

First, I need to mention a giveaway that includes three things that I know I just need in our home. Visit French Larkspur to enter yourself. How beautiful are those lavender pillows - I can only imagine how great they smell?! And the vase would be perfect in our kitchen. But this pillow already has a home (we don't own it yet!) our little leather man's chair in the living room.

Oh, and this is what I got J for his birthday. Sooooo exciting! He's going to be the most savvy real estate agent I know. We had so much fun playing around on it last night.

And finally...I ran home for lunch today and found my super cute neighborhood girls (there's a pack of three - two live next door and one across the street) with a lemonade stand set up. Perfect for a hot summer's day, huh? When I bought the drink, they told me that they were sending all proceeds to the gulf oil clean-up. Seriously? When I did lemonade stands, admittedly, they were all for our profit. Way to go Fiona, Frankie, and Jenna. Adore you girls!

Have a great weekend everyone!