Monday, March 8, 2010

what's currently going through my head

Y'all, my sister-in-law-to-be is wonderful! We had a great weekend with the family, and turns out Betsy is the perfect fit for my brother. We are so excited!!

The current, former, and soon-to-be Allen girls

As I drove into the city last week, I noticed that the Westin Hotel in downtown Atlanta is finally able to repair all of the broken windows that were busted out during the tornado in March 2008! Over the past few years it's reminded me of an old person with various teeth missing in its smile.

We ate SO much food this weekend that I just went to the store and stocked up on fruits, veggies, and lean meats. Today is the first day (possibly ever) that I am not craving anything sweet!

The weather today - 68 and sunny - has me so excited for Spring. When this type of weather rolls in, I crave windows down, sunroof open, and either oldies or country music on my radio.

This weekend, I met this guy to my right. Serg, the boxer. He might just have convinced me that we need one. Keep in mind that I said might, but I did fall in love and ask his owner (Tammy, the local Carrollton dog trainer) to keep her eyes out for us.

I've heard great things about When Crickets Cry, by Charles Martin. So, along with about 4 lbs of the world's greatest Vanilla Chai, I ordered a copy on Amazon. I opted for the free shipping, 5-10 day mailing option. And it only took 4 days! I plan on starting the book tonight.

Jamie and I are currently in the market for a new work-out plan. We've been members at L.A. Fitness, but it just ain't cuttin' it. Morning work outs are best for us, but lately, we've lost motivation. Jamie's been researching some options for us, but I'll gladly take any ideas.

Now, a note to end on: To be honest, this current season has us in the middle of some really tough circumstances. I know God is good, and I know that as long as we keep running after Him we're going to be ok. But that doesn't stop the hurt or the confusion or the sadness or the anger. I'm starting to realize that growing up comes with a lot of responsibility and with eyes opened wide to the world. People we thought were our heroes turn out to be struggling big time. While hardships occur, life moves on. But as God says in His Word - I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. John 16:33


Rayne said...

You will love When Crickets Cry, and also try When the Dead Don't Dance and Maggie by Charles Martin, all equally wonderful! I enjoy keeping up with you in blog land, glad all is well!

Molly Hargather said...

I've heard great things, and am totally planning to check out his other books. I love keeping up with you too :)