Tuesday, March 23, 2010

dining room table

Two weekends ago I was in Augusta for a friend's wedding, and on Saturday I couldn't resist checking out some of the antique stores downtown (after all, literally half of our home is furnished by pieces found downtown). We've been searching, for a long time, for another side table to go in our Master bedroom. I was focused, but had no luck. And then I spotted this table.
And even better, I spotted its price tag. Which I can't tell you the numbers on it because it was so ridiculously reasonable that its hard to believe it was true (trust me, I asked twice just to make sure).

Then I was told that it had two leaves, stored in the table, so I could fit my (future) large family for holidays, etc.

Now, Jamie and I have a table in our dining room/breakfast area, but it belongs to my parents. And at some point, I do hope to have a formal dining room - call me old fashioned. Plus, I'm sure my mom plans on me returning said borrowed table. And did I mention that the price was crazy affordable?! Called husband (because I'm terribly indecisive and I would never buy a piece this large without running it by him first) and here's how the conversation goes...

Husband: "Any luck finding a side table?"
Me: "No. But, I did find this beautiful dining room table. And it only cost $XXX.XX?! Should I buy it?"
Husband: "Do we need a dining room table? I thought we had one?"
Me: "We do. But at some point, we'll need another one. Or we'll need to return mom's."
Sister (jumps in): "Tell him that no dining room table made of real wood w/ 2 leaves will ever be this affordable again."
Me: "It really is a great deal."
Jamie: "Does it come with chairs?"
Me: "Nope."
Husband: "How are we going to sit around it, then?"
Me: "We'll have to buy chairs." (we're currently borrowing some from a friend that wouldn't work with this one)
"So we have two options - leave the great deal, and somewhere down the road, we'll need to purchase a table and maybe we'll get lucky again. I'm fine with that. OR we buy the table, store it in our basement for now and pull it out when we decide to buy chairs or have a real dining room."
Husband: "Go for it."
Me: "We'll take it!"

There is a little wear and tear from years of use (water rings, etc), but the shop's owner (Lisa at Lofty Ideas) gave me a recipe for a serum that she says works wonders. I'll share once I've had the opportunity to try it myself.

This past weekend, we were able to get a lot done on the house. Once I've finally gotten at least one other room completely finished, I'll post pictures!


Kristen said...

it's beauuuutiful! i LOVE the legs.

Bagwell's said...

I love the legs too! So elegant. Good find Molly!

Kb_Mal said...