Monday, March 1, 2010

every two weeks

Husband and I have created a new ritual. Once every two weeks, we go and visit this place -

Where we see faces like this one -
And generally just play around with the pups.

If you've never visited the new(er) building on 11th street in Midtown, you should really check it out. The brand new building is super nice and clean, and features one area where you can love on all the puppies you want. (And they provide hand sanitizer! OCD, I know.)

Now any of you who know me know that this is a big deal. I like dogs (actually I thought I loved dogs until I met my in-laws and my co-workers), but the reality of owning a dog means a dirty(er) home and a lot of responsibility. But I'm slowly working my way into the idea, and I have been loving our trips to play with the puppies. So, who knows...maybe this will be us in the next few months -


carolineo said...

Oh I hope so!! Doggies are the absolute best. In fact, some of us think of them as children. :)