Thursday, March 4, 2010

christmas in march

I realize that it is, in fact, March. And that these decorations are no longer up in our home. But with all the whirlwind of moving and other things, I never got to put up any pictures of our home at Christmas. So...I'm doing it now! Enjoy!

Forgive the poor quality of some of the shots!

Our Christmas tree! Nothing too fancy - a last minute purchase
from our neighborhood ACE. I'm a big fan of sentimental ornaments too!

Table set up - my sister, Jennifer, gave me all sorts of old decorations
she wasn't using, so that's where this cranberry branch came from.

That same sister gave me a full place setting of Christmas dinnerware years ago.
I love, love, love having the table fully set during the holidays!

My favorite piece of decor is this manger scene. Bought at Design Images in Augusta
with credit from our wedding. It's beautiful and my favorite reminder of the season.

Mini Christmas tree for the kitchen. Notice my
Starbucks ornament sitting below (the hanging piece broke off!).

Minimal outdoor decor

And here's a picture of hubs and I on Christmas
Day at the Hargathers! Married Christmas #1!