Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wine & Cheese

That picture pretty much sums up some of my favorite things.  Add in some good friends, and I am set!  At work, we've been known to have our fair share of wine and cheese parties.  Some have been large scale, some have been kept on the down low, and some have been lavish!  

Tonight, a group of co-workers (some old, some still here) are going to Ashley's condo for a wine and cheese party!  Dawn, and even Olive!, are making an appearance.  Looking forward to lots of catching up and laughing over some of the greatest bits of food and drink!  

Just because - here's a little excerpt from the article that I snagged that picture from.  

Wine and cheese work together like instruments in an orchestra: Each is enjoyable on its own, but together, they can create a symphony. Wine and cheese bring out the best in each other. The protein in cheese softens the tannins in wine, and the right combination can result in a harmonious medley of delicious flavors.



marisa said...

i have a friend having a wine + cheese party next weekend and we were just laughing this morning how much we LOVE those 2 things together, too :)

Kb_Mal said...

And it was a great time! Looking forward to seeing Ashley's picture with our fake laughter.