Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Come Early

This year, our Thanksgiving started a few days early. And by "thanksgiving," I don't mean the turkey, dressing, or the pumpkin pie. I mean it literally. We gave thanks this weekend for some really great friends and family in our lives. Friends and family who spent 8+ hours of their Saturday helping us paint our new home.

Robin Anne and mom drove in from Augusta. Sue and Dave came for their second work day on Claremont Street. Kelly, Gavin, Lindsay, Jessi, Jessica, and Shep all showed up and went to work. It's amazing how much more fun work is when you're doing it with some of your favorite people. We had the iPod going, Lindsay made some amazing pizzas for lunch, and mom and Sue made sure to keep us full with snacks and drinks along the way. (Since painting isn't really their thing, they both spent the day cleaning AND lining all of our kitchen and pantry cabinets!)

And the result was a freshly painted home where each room has a piece of our friends in it.

Jamie getting things started with some putty

Mom cleaning the kitchen

Jennifer and the kids were in town, so they came by to see.
Hadley helping paint :)

Although we're a long ways off, it sure was fun to have the
backyard filled with kids playing

Kelly and RA in the blue room

Jess, Jessi, and Linds in the Master

Dave was the master edge/trimmer!

Tackling the upper window!

And then the sink started leaking.
Minor diversion from the paint party

Jessi and I in the laundry room

love of my life :) wondering what we've
gotten ourselves into

hanging out on the front porch as
we celebrate a long, productive day!

Turns out we completed almost every room! Dave, Sue, Jamie, and I went back yesterday to finish most everything up. Closets and bathrooms are the only things left, and I'll have photos of it all soon! Today we get new doors, siding completed...and I'm working on the carpet. Anyone got any suggestions of carpet installers that are relatively affordable? 7 days (minus the four days we'll be in Augusta) til we've got to be out of our condo!


Kb_Mal said...

What a nice post... hate to be cheesy but friends make the world go round!

Kristen said...

woo hoo! i love how moms always clean the kitchen in these types of situations ;) my mom always does it too! and she totally has always put shelf liners in all of my kitchens. haha