Tuesday, November 10, 2009

it's the little things

Flowers bring me such joy. To me, they symbolize life. They start as a seed, they grow and flourish, and eventually they die. They add pops of color to a drab room/day. And certain types have a such a sweet smell! They have so much beauty, and fresh flowers make any home a little more cozy and homey.

When I was younger, I had serious thoughts of getting a job in the flower delivery world. What better way to spend your day than by making all those people smile? Flowers have a way of bringing joy, providing comfort, and reminding us of life.

This weekend Jamie and I made a (not even) 24-hour trip home to Augusta to celebrate my dad's birthday and an engagement party for a high school friend. On Sunday, mom and I went out to her garden and snagged a few of these for me to take home to the ATL.
Hydrangeas are one of my favorite types of flowers. They were pretty much the flower of choice for my wedding - bridesmaids bouquets (pictured below), cake decor, centerpieces, etc. They are classically southern, and give such a full look to an arrangement. The best part - these that I just brought back will die...and they will still be beautiful as a dried bouquet!