Wednesday, November 18, 2009

you can put this on my Christmas list

This year, with the new house and all, I'm really having to differentiate on what classifies as a need and what falls into the want category.

This definitely falls into the want pile, but a girl can dream right (and did I mention that I have a birthday that comes up right after Christmas)? It's a Nespresso Citiz Automatic Espresso Machine. This thing is pretty small in size, but it makes quality espresso and the milk frother is close to barista quality. While the price is slightly higher than I'd like, it's a great price for an espresso machine. Linds and Gavin got one for their wedding, and I've been envious ever since my first latte at their house.

As I've mentioned before, my drink choice changes daily. However, this little machine (and the purchase of some extras - i.e. syrup flavors) will allow me to make whatever I'm feeling like having. For way less than the price at a coffee shop. And you can have a latte any time you come over too!!

Of course, in all actuality, this goes behind the new doors, carpet, paint, siding, cleaning, vacuum, decor, etc. that we need for the house. Oh well - I'm content snuggling up with a Starbucks cup in my hand...cause afterall, we have a home! And there's always next year :)