Tuesday, December 1, 2009

thanksgiving in photos

Part 1: Augusta

We had a blast in Augusta, with lots of food, family, friends, and relaxing. Good thing, because Part 2 isn't quite so restful!

Family Bootcamp : Thanksgiving Morning
(led by Tee on the far left)

My favorite ladies : Thanksgiving
Aunt Wendy, RA, Jennifer, & Mom

Auburn/Alabama Tailgate w/ great friends!
Grant & Micah, J & I, Baby Harris (belonging to Micah!) and Kathryn and Neal

Our favorite kids in the world!

Part 2: Jamie and I cut the weekend short, and came back to the ATL on Saturday night. There was lots of moving to be done (Sun & Mon), but we are finally, officially in our new house!

Jamie and the U-haul on Sunday

Last night at the condo : Air mattress-style

Carpet comes tomorrow (for the bedrooms), so
everything lives in our living room until then.

Perfect ending to a super-long two days!
Pizza and wine in OUR new home!

I've got tons of before photos that I'll share soon, especially when we have some after photos to share!


Kb_Mal said...

Your Thanksgiving (at least the latter part) looks like ours! Out of the house and into the apartment. All changes in an exciting way. :)

tag said...

Yay for being in the house! Can't wait to see it!

Kristen said...

woo hoo!