Tuesday, December 8, 2009

update via lists

The D-I-Y (do it yourself) mantra sure does make things rewarding. However, it also means that things are going to take time. Especially when you work 8+ hours a day, and only have a couple of hours at the end of the day to get things done. Currently, our house is a little ghetto-fied. So, an update in the form of lists (I can't bear to put up pictures just yet).

Things we still have to get done + what they effect:
- Stain the front door = no Christmas wreath hung until then; oh, and we also can't install our new knobs until then either (which is why we have no door knob from inside)
- Stain the back deck = Porch furniture set up on our parking pad (where a huge pile of trash also lies...we've been promised our workers are coming back for it!)
- Fix the toilet in the master bathroom = I have to walk all the way to the guest bathroom to make my (at least once) middle of the night potty break
- Repair the kitchen sink faucet hose = Eating take-out for every meal (see list of take-out spots below)
- Paint the guest and master bathrooms = Makes sense to wait to get everything fully set up (mirrors hung, pictures up, etc)
- Get cable installed = Missing all my shows (w/ no way to DVR then either!) + going through all the old movies we have
- Install Racks for Master Closet = We have to go to three different rooms to put together (and find!) our outfits for the days (our clothes/shoes reside in closets, dressers, and bags in both the guest bedrooms)
- Replace dryer exhaust duct = One large pile of laundry!

However, we have gotten the following (so much!) accomplished -
- Carpets installed
- Fridge, stove/range, washer + dryer delivered and installed
- New front and back door (that conveniently lock, unlike the previous ones!)
- Painted all of the walls in the house (save the bathrooms)
- Moved all of our things from the condo to the house
- Unpacked almost all of our things
- Fixed the water heater
- Replaced + painted the siding
- Bought a vacuum cleaner and an iron

And my final list is all of the places we've eaten take-out lately (some of which I'm a little embarrassed) -
- Nuevo Laredo
- Arby's
- Bonehead's
- Publix
- Jimmy Johns
- Taco Bell
- Chick-fil-A
- Moes
- Star Provisions
- Lindsay + Gavin's (our awesome friends who have provided at least two meals for us!)
I am craving some fresh vegetables and a piece of fish!!

While I'm ready to be settled, I'm definitely trying to take the time and enjoy the fun parts of this transition period. Here's to being homeowners!


Kb_Mal said...

Girl, I can commiserate (sp?) with the takeout. We've hit up Figo, Subway, Harry and Son's, American Roadhouse and more in the past few days. Whoops!