Friday, October 30, 2009


happy halloween y'all.

this has been a busy season for us, so i sit here typing at my desk in absolutely normal clothes - the first time in two years that i haven't dressed up for halloween at the office.  oh well.  guess, it's not technically halloween yet.

happenings this weekend - 
: lil sis comes to the atl tonight.
: birthday kickball game/party tomorrow for samuel.  can only imagine the costumes!
: hanging out with lindsay and gavin tomorrow tonight.
: possibly a halloween party to hit up?
: phone call to the nieces and nephews to get the download on their costumes.  from what i know it's hadley as taylor swift, wyche as a power ranger, collier as hannah montana, and hutton as daphne (from scooby doo).  as my sister said - what happened to the days of being a hamburger, fries, and a soda :)
: and an exciting new series at buckhead church - @work

happy, happy halloween!!  i leave you with these two pictures of the husband and i from last year...when we were merely bf and gf.  note: jamie is obsessed with the 70's


devon thérèse said...

miss you! what's going on with the house? i keep expecting to see something about it on here :)