Monday, October 12, 2009

the boots

My younger sister is what I would call "fashion forward."  I, on the other hand, am more like "fashion behind."  

Our story usually goes like this - 
Robin Anne comes out wearing something that is a brand new trend (i.e. skinny jeans).  
I give her a distasteful look and tell her that I'm never wearing [skinny jeans].  
Six months later, I own a pair of [skinny jeans].  

Now, it doesn't always happen like this.  There are occasions when I will really never buy something that she wears (mostly because, unlike me, she can pull everything off).  And then there are times when I actually like her newest trend right off the bat.  

The latter is what happened with "the boots."  Here's how it went down...

Robin Anne shows up wearing these awesomely beautiful boots.  
Turns out they belong to her roommate. 
Robin Anne eventually bites the bullet and gets her own pair. 
I know that there's no way I can convince myself to buy them at full price, so I settle with boot envy.
At the end of the season last year, I find that the boots are on sale. 
I call sister and tell her the situation and that I think I'm going to buy the boots.  
I can hear the resistance in her voice.  Again?  She's thinking.  We're going to be seen all over Atlanta in the same boots all fall?! (To her credit, this actually matters to a fashionista and I do this often. Oops.)
I feel bad, so I pass up the boots and tell myself that they will probably be out of style by next season.

Fast forward to fall 2009.  
It's almost boot-wearing weather, and I realize that the boots are still perfect.  And in style.  And I'm having major not-buying remorse (if that exists).
Little sister now lives in a different city and I didn't buy the boots?!
Friend Lindsay and I are hanging out and she tells me about these amazing boots that she just bought on sale.  
She pulls them out, and alas!  They are "the boots!"  
She tells me they're on sale at Nordstrom.  And she's ok with us walking around the ATL with the same pair of boots on (and the same wallet for that matter - what can I say?  We have similar taste and shop in all the same places!). 
Right away, I call the husband and explain the scenario (i.e. justifying why they'll be a purchase for X dollars on our bank statement - welcome to marriage!).  I get a "go for it." He's the best.
I immediately order the boots online to pick them up at the store (mind you, still more than I normally pay for boots, but after this story? Come on!)
I get a message from the salesman that my shoes are ready for pick-up.  Hooray!
I get a second message from salesman saying that he was mistaken.  They don't actually have my size.  Oh no!
I get a third message from salesman saying that they actually found my size!  It's an emotional roller coaster (can we say dramatic!).  
The first chance I get, I dash to the store, and finally!  

Worth it?  Um...I may or may not have worn them every day this weekend.  
A little pathetic?  Definitely.


Kb_Mal said...

Congrats! These look awesome! I want some!