Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Warehouse Sale

While scrolling through one of my favorite daily blogs, Atlanta on the Cheap, I discovered The Warehouse Sale.  After picking up the latest edition of Creative Loafing so that I could have the free entry [pg. 15], I ran out at lunch.  And came home with these - 

At $100 cheaper than the retail price, I'm feeling pretty good about my purchase.  Afterall, I was in dire need of some new jeans to wear with flats.  My current jeans that fill this purpose are about 3.5 years old and have holes in the most inappropriate spots.  Even after patching and sewing, it's time for them to retire.  

If you have time today, go check out the Warehouse Sale.  If you have issues with buyer's remorse, be warned, nothing can be returned.  And I was a slightly unimpressed, as I was picturing a large warehouse with all sorts of discounted clothing (think more like 75% jeans, 25% shirts, dresses, and misc.  Now I've got to figure out how to explain to the husband (who owns one pair of jeans, mind you) why I needed these jeans.