Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Hunger Games

I have a back log of posts that will be coming your way...I just haven't had time to sit down and write them yet!  But I'll start with one that is short and sweet...

The Hunger Games.

After finishing the first book, I raved that this was probably the best novel I've read since Harry Potter.  And if you know how much of a HP fan that I am -- not in the dress-like-a-wizard-at-the-midnight-showing kind of fan, although there is nothing wrong with that, but in the I-love-the-beauty-of-a-well-written-story kind of fan -- I'd say this is a big endorsement. :)

I read the first book in about two days, waited until I could borrow the second book.  After flying through it, I couldn't wait to finish the series so I immediately bought the third one and read it in 24 hours.  

And all I'm left with is a sad pit in my stomach (yes, I get way too emotionally wrapped up in the fictional characters) and an ending that I'd prefer to change.  I mean, once I was half way through the third book, I knew it couldn't end any other way.  But, let's just say, if I could re-write it, I think I would.  I mean, I'm trying to decide if I even want to see the movies that now I'm finished.  

All of that being said, I still think it's a good read, and would recommend it.  But, it might not rank quite as high up as I had initially thought.