Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beach Trip

The past few years we've taken a trip to St. Simons with both of my sisters, their families, and some of the Green family friends, the Costleys.  Mimi-Shug and Grand-bud (Tee's parents) are gracious enough to allow us to use their house for the week, and we had such a great trip.  Of course, this was H-man's first time at the beach, and it was so much fun!

our longest road trip to date with the babe...
let's just say that we made it in one piece :) 

family Jillian's session

first time in the ocean!

he loved the sinking feeling when the water went back down

dad showing his son his favorite place...the beach

afternoon nap on the beach


a look at what's to come

coolest kid I know

just hanging

late night game of spoons

nautical baby

visit with our friend, aunt jess!

late afternoon beach time

sweet girls

thankfully, hammond loves the water, so we spent many afternoons/
evenings hanging out in the pool

Such a fun, different family beach trip.  So much more fun to come!


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