Saturday, August 25, 2012

5 months

Not only did we have an election on Tuesday, but Hammond also reached a milestone - 5 months!!  

I tried to do our normal photoshoot during the day, but I just couldn't get a big smile out of this kid like I normally can.

hey guys...check me out
i know i'm adorable, but i'm not going to smile for you, mama

So I waited for dad to get home, and sure enough, instant smiles and lots of baby laughter.

oh hey dad

daddy is so funny

love this kid

Some of the new things - 

- he can roll over!  stomach to back, back to stomach, and over and over and over.  it's so fun, but we definitely have to keep an eye on him.  no more laying him on high surfaces either.  
- he wants to put everything in his mouth.  i know i've said that before, but it's even more dramatic now.  and hilarious.
- he's still figuring out that he is in control of his arms.  he loves to move his arms up and down and all around...sometimes with a toy attached.  and he'll end up hitting himself in the face!  totally unaware of how to make it stop!
- and as i've already said, his daddy makes him laugh like nobody else.  it's just a fact.  when jamie comes in the door and plays with him, that boy will giggle and squeal like nobody's business.  it's so much fun to watch.


Kristin said...

He is SO cute! Seriously.