Monday, July 23, 2012

on the campaign trail

As I've mentioned previously, my dad is running for U.S. Congress for the 12th district.  You can find out more about his campaign here, but I just thought I'd share some of the latest things that we've been able to be a part of.  

First are a few snapshots from The Atlanta Press Club, Loudermilk Young debate that we got to attend last night.  

this is one of my favorite split how my dad can go from
future congressman to Daddy Big (his grandpa name) in a matter of minutes

And finally, here is Hammond's TV DEBUT!!  :)  Two of the commercials that are running in the 12th district.  The first one is my favorite!


Dawn Gahan said...

I love love love these commercials!!!!

Dawn Gahan said...
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Dawn Gahan said...

I removed the last comment because I posted twice!!!! Such a goober.

Molly Hargather said...