Monday, July 16, 2012

Jamie turns 30!

Jamie finally caught up with me, and turned 30 this past Sunday!  Here are a few snapshots of how we celebrated my favorite man.  

Saturday night dinner out at The Optimist

while H-man hung out with Grandma Sue-Sue;
we had an early dinner and got home in time to put him down
(can you say suckers?  guess you can tell we're new parents!)

Sunday morning, J got to open his gift!  It was so large that I had to
hide it with a drop cloth, and made a bow with painter's tape.

And it's a Big Green Egg!  Yay for yummy smoked dinners to come!

Sunday afternoon, we took a canoe ride down the Hooch.

And it was a perfect afternoon!

Pool time at Sue-Sue's

We closed the night out with a small dinner with friends and family.

I sure hope Jamie felt as loved and celebrated as he makes us feel every day.  Cheesy?  Yes.  But, do I mean it?  Yeah....