Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4th of July

We had such a great, full week, celebrating the 4th of July.  

The first part of the week, Jamie took a guy's trip to Puerto Rico (or as he called it, an "exploratory" trip for a future family vacation there :).  

love technology...face timing with daddy 

Since he was gone, Hammond and I headed to Cashiers to join my mom for a few days of peace and quiet (i.e. mountain life).  So nice.

Then everyone else arrived...

Hammond loves his cousins!

lake time

4th of July celebration at High Hampton...included llamas this year

(reminder, if you're in the 12th district, vote Rick W. Allen for Congress!!)

these girls can eat some them!

chillin' out

and chillin' some more

then we started J's 30th bday celebrations

capping off the night with our annual dance party

while the dad's/husband's golfed, we did a little hiking

and rock wall climbing

and one of the best parts...was how much help and lovin' on we got from all the family  

Such a fun week, and then we went right on to more celebrating of Jamie's to come.  


Ashley said...

haha Baby H doesn't look so sure being held by his cousin in that first pic :)

Did Scout not go to the mountains? :(