Friday, February 18, 2011

the trees

the Oak trees at Toomer's Corner in Auburn, AL

By now, I'm sure you've all heard about how Auburn's 130-year-old Oak trees that are rolled after every AU victory have been poisoned by some angry red-neck Bama fan (we've all got 'em). If you haven't heard, you can find the article here. I've got my own opinions about it, but I thought I'd just share some from my Facebook news feed.

War Treagle.
They can take our trees.....but not our roots. I believe in Auburn and love it.

Dear Al from Dadeville, you should be tied to those trees you killed in Toomer's Corner in Auburn and publicly flogged. (written by an Alabama fan)

Can't. Make. It. Up. RT @RJYHyall: The tree poisoner's children are named Bear and Crimson.
**This is indeed a true fact.

If I go around poisoning trees over football games at age 62, please put me down, because my life will suck so bad and hold such little meaning that it will be time to go. This guy screams Alabama fan, no life but football. There is more to life!

It's ALWAYS great to be an Auburn Tiger! There is no way the Toomers tradition or the AU spirit could be stopped... Bama fans- thanks! We know NO ONE in the SEC would claim this guy.

Al from Dadevile:
Harvey Updyke
259 Silver Hill Rd
Dadeville, AL

Slept late because of all the work, but probably still slept better than Al from Dadeville. #Toomers

the old song "I'm Going Straight to Hell" keeps replaying in my mind everytime I think about "Al, from Dadeville."

Definition of Irony: Al from Dadeville will spend the next few years wearing nothing but orange. I'll be the first to send him some blue shoes to match.

Today I found out just how big of a tree hugger I am. Al from Dadeville, you have a date with Dexter Morgan.

I'm watching Charles Barkley on Jay Leno talk about easy classes at Auburn and I'm anxiously waiting for him to mention Organic Gardening.....Pop Quiz man!!

On this sad day, I wanted to provide a little wisdom with a simple question and answer...
Q: What do Alabama and Auburn fans have in common? A: Neither went to the university of alabama

If the 2010 Iron Bowl is any indication...Bamers need to wait until the Toomers tree is totally dead before celebrating! War Eagle!

Why would anyone think putting a Cam jersery on the bear statue would be the same thing as killing a 130 year old living thing? I'm speechless.... And always proud to be an Auburn Tiger!

"Individuals act alone, not on behalf of anyone or any place, and all universities are vulnerable to and condemn such reprehensible acts."-- Jay Gogue. Well said, War Eagle, and OMG.

And my personal favorite -
"True, the herbicide has a pretty solid early lead. However, I am confident the folks at Auburn can make some halftime adjustments and give this tree another 28-27 years of life. We’ve seen this kind of thing before."