Thursday, February 24, 2011

change of pace

J's been on the lookout for a new gym for a while. As convenient and easy as L.A. Fitness had been (he'd been a member there for years), there were things about it that were getting annoying.

  • The parking deck.
  • The not-so-nice locker rooms.
  • The windows that looked out to the movie theatre (and allowed all the movie goers to watch you sweat through your ab workout).
  • The countless members who were there to mix and mingle and check themselves out.
  • The personal trainers who were always on their cell phones while working ppl out (personal pet peeve...those people are (over) paying for your services!).
  • Oh, and the fact that on occasions, it felt like a club. Seriously. One random Thursday night there was a D.J. And flashing lights. Can you say C-L-U-B?

He'd gone to the fitness center at the Mansion a few times with a good friend, and fell in love. Unfortunately, our budget was NOT allowing for that membership. Plus, it was a 15-20 minute drive from our house.

Finally, after much research, he landed on the Health & Fitness Club at Piedmont Hospital. That's right, Piedmont Hospital. But so far, so good.

Things I'm already loving about it -

  • A much smaller, more family-style gym.
  • Though not near as extensive of a set-up as L.A. Fitness, it's got plenty of weights, machines, treadmills, etc.
  • The class offerings (at least yoga + pilates) are offered at times in the mornings that are much more suitable for me.
  • Access to a private parking deck.
  • Friendly, personable staff (who even remember names, and ask how I enjoyed the ____ class I took the other day!).
  • A much older crowd - perks to this: no one checking out me OR themselves and the fact that I feel like I'm in great shape (when I choose to forget I'm ~20 yrs younger than most of them).
  • A 6-9 minute commute (4 minutes shorter than L.A.).
  • It's affordable (and if you sign up on the 1st of any month, they'll waive your initiation fee!
  • An extensive offering of pre-natal classes (we're NOT there yet, but, God-willing, eventually).
  • We're one step closer to finding a Dr. friend.**
**I have this odd plan to be-friend a Dr. in Atlanta so that we'll know somebody in case of an emergency. Growing up in a smaller town, all of my Dr's, Dentists, etc. were all family friends. My allergist lived next door and gave me shots once a week in her home. My dentist saw me the morning of our wedding day to help with an ulcer. My OB gives me free samples of my birth control. Talk about a good thing!

A few random, related notes -
  • I've decided to train for the GA Half Marathon coming up next month.
  • Here's a random post by my friend, Ashley, on women and their body image.
  • Tonight we're heading to Cashiers, NC with some friends, and we are going to try a serious hike that I haven't done in a while. Should be fun!

Happy weekend, people!


Meredith Williams said...

Thanks for posting about this! I too and getting way annoyed with LA, and now that I'm pregnant the idea of classes where the instructors even care that you're pregnant sounds amazing! You may see my face there soon :)