Wednesday, February 2, 2011


As a wedding gift, my brother gave Jamie and I an authentic Spanish paella dish and kit. He's always been a creative gift-giver and he's lived all over the world, so it only made sense!

I'm one of those people who loves to save things for special occasions. Which unfortunately, usually means I wait forever to use them (gift cards, gifts, etc)! Thankfully, I checked the expiration date on all the canned items, and it was coming up. So, what better night to cook it (other than for Andy + Bets) than when mom's in town and Rich comes over! I can now say this was one of my favorite gifts!! Thanks, Andy!

included were the paella rice, paprika tin, EVOO,
saffron, whole fire roasted piquillo peppers, and the pan.
the recipe encourages the meat, seafood, and veggies.

yum! stocked with all sorts of goodness!!

¡Buen apetito!


milliec6 said...

Oh Molly!!! I am so impressed with your culinary expertise!!! It looks fabulous!! Give your sweet Mama a hug for me. Love, Mildred