Thursday, February 3, 2011

5 random things

1 - I've been trying to pack a lunch pretty much everyday (save $$$, eat better) and when I got in a bind last week, I searched the kitchen and found a sweet potato. I've now eaten a sweet potato three days in a row. I'd forgotten how good they were. Reminds me of college.

2 - I've also been bringing in grapefruits. Cut in half, little bit of splenda on top. Squeezin' all the juice into my mouth when I'm through. Reminds me of childhood.

3 - I just uploaded an album on FB from a trip we took almost a year ago. Oops. I've got a few more to add from last summer, fall, Christmas, etc. I'm not very good at FB anymore.

4 - I've gotten sucked in to a pretty ridiculous show. Pretty Little Liars. Monday nights on ABC familiy. Oops again.

5 - We're having dinner tonight with friends, and this is a year and a half in the making. Somebody got sick - postponed. Somebody else got sick - postponed. An emergency came up - postponed. One of their kids got sick - postponed. Snow storm 2011 - postponed. If we actually end up having dinner together tonight, it will be a miracle. But we can't wait!!

6 - What? I said only 5. Oops x3. I'm leaving you with this video because it's adorable.


Ashley said...

2 - I can just see you eating grapefruit at your desk.
3 - I saw that come up on my feed and I thought y'all had gone again haha.
4 - Whenever I turn into Pretty Little Liars I never know what's going on!

Can we please have a cheese party soon? And are you doing the Ga Half?

Sarah Garner said...

Hi Molly, I read your blog regularly! Even if we don't see each other I stay caught up. Pretty much the mantra of the blog stalker. :)