Wednesday, December 8, 2010

blessed: Christmas party #2

As I mentioned before, we've got several Christmas shindigs over the next few weeks. This past Monday night, my girls' small group (one of my favorite new additions to this year) met for a pot luck dinner at our house. Have I mentioned that I LOVE pot lucks?! The image you probably get from the word "pot luck" is an array of casseroles made by a group of older ladies spread out on a table at your church (or at least I do). But this food was delish! And it was fun for all of us to get together with no agenda, except to eat and enjoy the company.

tyler, lindsay, jess, laura, and mary brantley

the coffee drinkers, with our "friends"-sized
coffee mugs (from a Christmas set that my sister,
jennifer, gave me years's some of
my favorite Christmas decor!)

Many more pictures to come, from many more Christmas celebrations to come. One, starting in 3 1/2 hours - our annual office cookie swap! Right now I am smelling the sugary goodness coming from the, oh, 900 cookies sitting on the table!!


Sensible Health said...

I like that a lot sounds so fun!!! I might start something similar next year thanks for sharing!~Fiona

nLk said...

i have those humongous PB just reminded me to pull them out! glad to hear you're having a fun christmas season...ive missed keeping up with your life!