Friday, October 22, 2010


I never got on the LOST bandwagon. There was all sorts of hype from lots of my friends but I just couldn't commit, and then it was too late. Series finale. But now there's Hulu. If you've never heard of Hulu, you should check it out. So many tv shows directly from your computer. It started out as something to do, and now it's a little bit of an obsession. But I am halfway through Season 2. I know, waste of time. I promise I won't find another series after this. But for now....I'm lovin' it

I'll close the week with this. Speaking of guilty pleasures/waste of time, there are so many things wrong with this picture...


Gina said...

I got Bill and iPad for his Birthday!! They are awesome!

I was trying to set the bar high for bday gifts this year...I do have the big 3-0 this year! Maybe he will get the hint!

Johnsons said...

Yay Molly! I'm so glad you got on the LOST bandwagon!! We were OBSESSED and would have hour long discussions about our theories after each episode! So good!! And so sad its over =(
We miss yall! Hope you are doing well!