Monday, October 4, 2010


Race day has come and gone, and I made it in under 2 hours (official time listed above)! Quick snapshot of our day —

5am: alarm going off
5:30am: bagel + peanut butter
6am: leave to meet Gavin, Lindsay, and her dad
6:30am: get dropped off by Jamie and Gavin, wait in line forever at the women's restroom, head straight to the START line
7am: horn goes off and the herd starts moving
(now we start keeping track by miles)
Miles 1 - 4: stumble and run our way through the dark early morning
Mile 4.5: sun starts coming up
Mile 5.5: pass our cheering section (amazing! led by head cheerleader, Sue)
Mile 8: hit super hilly neighborhood, but still running hard
Mile 10: Blackburn Park starts kicking my butt...wondering if I'm going to finish, unfortunately break my pace and let little sister press on
Mile 12: try my best to keep running (even at a snail's pace!)
Mile 12.8: teased by passing the Finish Line on the other side of a fence, sprinting downhill
Mile 13: realize the last trek is uphill and want to throw up, but instead just keep running
Mile 13.1: FINISH!!

Lil' sister and me

Laura, me, Robin Anne, and Lindsay
after the race with our medals!

Action shots: Linds, Robin Anne, me

Lindsay's dad also ran, and did awesome! Action shot of Jim
on the left, and daddy/daughter photo on the right.