Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gabby says...

Happy Fall!!

(even tho it's 83 degrees today)

And here's a little quiz my friend, Caroline, passed along.

1. What is your favorite 80's song? My Sherona by the Knack. Was my pump up song on the way to sporting events in high school.

2. If you had $1000 to spend in one day (frivolously!) what would you buy/do?
I think I would treat the husband and I (and a few other friends) to dinner at Bacchanalia. Of course mine would center around food. But it's consistently ranked the #1 restaurant in Atlanta, and for us to go, it's probably going to take this. :) And maybe precede dinner with drinks/apps at either Miller Union or JCT. Ridiculous, I know.

3. If you had to rename your spouse, what name would you pick?
Ha. Let's see.....I have no idea.

4. What piece of advice would you give to your younger self, if you could?
You don't know everything!!! And if you're stressed out now, just wait til you get older cause you have zero real responsibility until after college.

5. What is the best NON-wedding/delivery moment of your life thus far?
Auburn/VA Tech Sugar Bowl weekend. My last semester at Auburn. 13-0 season. Ok, maybe not the absolute best moment of my life (that'd be a little pathetic), but so much fun and the first thing that came to mind.

6. If you could pick any (outside the home) career in the whole world what would it be?
I'd own a coffee shop right around the corner from my house.

7. What is the BEST laugh you have had lately?
I can't nail one, but it was probably in the company of the husband and my family.


carolineo said...

Yayyyy!! Loved reading your answers!! Maybe one day we will both have an extra $1000 lying around and we can treat ourselves to a lovely night out!