Tuesday, September 21, 2010


God was good when he gave me sisters.

It's hard to explain the relationship between sisters if you haven't experienced it firsthand. It's a best friend. one that can drive you nuts on occasion. one that you sometimes just have to agree to disagree with. one that you want to protect (sometimes w/o their consent). one that you can call in the middle of the night for something important or simply to vent. one that you can learn from. one that you love no matter what they do.

Jennifer and Robin Anne were born my sisters, and thankfully we all enjoy each other (for the most part :). Kelly and Betsy are my sisters through marriage, and (a super huge) thankfully, we enjoy each other too!

This past weekend we flew Betsy to Atlanta to spend a weekend celebrating HER! She'll be marrying my brother in just a little over a month, and their first few years of marriage will be spent in Madagascar, where Andy is serving the State Department as a diplomat. Here are a few snapshots of the weekend...

Friday night dinner at home.

Saturday: After a morning of drinking coffee/chai and hanging out, we
decided on football at Stats. Even if the boys are away, we still enjoy a good
football game! After the UGA game, we headed to Piedmont Park
for the arts festival. So fun, and it was nice to get some fresh air and a little exercise.

Heading to dinner at JCT Kitchen, after watching a stressful
first half of the Auburn/Clemson game.

Dinner on the patio at JCT.


nLk said...

i love hearing how fun sisters are! i have all brothers, and i'm always wondering what the dynamics of raising 3 girls will look like. so glad you like yours :)