Monday, September 27, 2010

shout out monday

I declare today "shout-out" Monday.

Let's start with the best aunt, uncle, and cousins you can ask for. My Aunt Wendy is the bomb. She, Uncle Tim, and their boys stayed at our house this weekend (while unfortunately Jamie and I were away) while they were visiting their oldest who's at Tech. Not only was the house in better shape when we got home yesterday than when we left, but we also had this waiting for us -

The newest Francine Rivers book (sequel to Her Mother's Hope that I finished two weeks ago in CA) that I am dying to get into! She knows me well. And 8 Masters' Tervis Tumblers (my favorite!). Wendy just happens to have a super cool job at Augusta National that she dominates. :) Of course I would have said this without receiving any gifts, but - Reeve family, you best be coming back to visit again soon!

Second shout out goes to this guy to your left. Joel Thomas (good friend, pastor, and one of the men who married us) completed the Augusta Half IRONMAN yesterday with Team In Training, and it was awesome. Jamie, mom, dad, RA, and I ventured downtown to meet Jennifer, Joel's wife, and their kids. It was so much fun watching all of the competitors and cheering them on. Gave me some inspiration (and perspective!) on my race coming up this Sunday. They ran the same 13.1 miles I'll be running, but they preceded their run with crazy amounts of swimming and biking!

Plus, it was hilarious some of the people we saw that I had no idea were racing!

And one final shout out goes to the guy responsible for my husband's black eye (pictured below).

1.5 weeks later, and the shiner still hasn't disappeared, though it is slowly starting to. Don't worry...there was no brawl or anything, just a good ole' fashioned mostly 30-and-over soccer injury.