Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Living Room

Since Jamie and I got married (over a year ago), we've been wanting to find a way to serve together. This time last year, Jamie brought up the idea of working with Buckhead Church's college ministry, and I loved it. Problem: Coaching his soccer team took up too many week nights for us to commit, so we just waited. At the end of the season this past May, we both knew it was time to move on from soccer, for now, and get started in The Living Room. We're pretty new, but so far we're loving it! And it will only get better when we've got our own small group of freshman soon.

To commemorate this new beginning, here's a top 10 list of the things I love so far -

10 - picking out my outfits (ha). to these guys, we're considered old! gotta at least appear to still be hip :)
9 - a trip to buckhead once a week. it's not that far away, but i hardly make it over! so i've started running my buckhead errands before we meet.
8 - the accountability. talk about becoming more aware of how we live our lives, treat each other, etc. a great lesson in dependence on God, as i feel so inadequate to lead.
7 - the talks. they've got a great rotation of (hilarious) speakers, a lot of whom are great friends of ours.
6 - already planning tailgates and parties we can host for the college kids
5 - getting to know three ga state football players who attend (after all, this is a historical week, featured in ESPN!!)
4 - worship. for many reasons, but did i mention that my hero, candi person-shelton led last night? might have been a little distracted.
3 - what it's already doing for our marriage. there's something about serving together that creates an even deeper bond, whether it's between friends, family, or a spouse, and it's been amazing so far.
2 - the FOOD! seriously, it's a night off from cooking for me, and there's a member of BC, hal, who takes off every tuesday afternoon to prepare an absolutely delicious meal. mmmmm.
1 - investing in the lives of college students. what an opportunity that we're humbled to be a part of.


Rayne said...

sounds awesome! i bet they love ya'll too!