Thursday, September 16, 2010

California lovin'

We have definitely been spoiled as this was our third trip to California in the past 13 months! And it was such a great, quick trip. For the second year in a row, Luke and Courtney rented this snuggly little home (that has a quirky dragon theme...they're everywhere!) right smack in between downtown Carmel and the ocean. If you know Carmel, you know that there's not much distance between the two of those, so we spent a lot of the trip biking and walking and it was fabulous.

We had some great quality time with our friends, plenty of rest, amazing food, and beautiful weather.

Day 1: Can you see how excited both Jolene and Jamie
are to be going on a beach picnic?!

Super yummy spread by the amazing mama above
(sorry for the mid-bite photo, Court!)

A photo of Luke setting up the camera for a group photo
(I want a copy of that one :)

Family photo with Pebble Beach in the background
(and Baron as a welcome addition)

*Carmel was definitely my favorite place to train for the 1/2.
I ran along the beach trail this particular morning. Amazing.

Photo before our favorite meal of the two times we'd been there.
Dinner at Demetra. Yummy Greek food and fabulous atmosphere.
Below are two videos of the impromptu performance by the owner,
with special guest: the adorable chef.

Lamb kabobs. Drool.

Morning bike ride along the beach trail.

where we got to watch a large pack of dolphins!

And what's a California trip without a little wine tasting?
Joley's becoming a pro!

How adorable is she?!

Sadly, our last night in California. The boys
enjoying some saki at Flying Fish Grill.

Such a great trip! Big thanks to Luke and Courtney (and Jolene) for hosting us again. Maybe someday, we'll get to visit in each others' hometowns. Although California isn't too bad.