Monday, April 5, 2010

How He Loves Us

Happy Easter, friends! What an amazing day to celebrate life...real, full, joyous life. All thanks to an amazing Savior who loves us more than we can imagine!

This year, I got to host lupper (well, it wasn't brunch, so what do we call a 3pm meal?!). Since it was a three day weekend, I got to spend most of Saturday cooking, baking, and planning out the decor - so fun!

Not all of my original ideas actually played out, but with a little improvising, it worked out just fine.

Saw this adorable idea for place cards (necessary when there are only four of you? Nope. Fun anyway? Yep!). However, my wheatgrass just didn't grow like I needed it to, so that plan flopped. But, while I was making my iced sugar cookies, I decided to made four cookie
cutouts - one with each of our first initials.

For the centerpiece, I decided on lots of moss, a few hydrangeas, and some colored Easter eggs. I was working with a small grocery budget - the moss can be used over and over again, the hydrangeas were from the Dekalb Farmer's Market, already had the wire bowl, few magnolia leaves from the backyard, and we've always got eggs. The tulips are from Walmart....tried to convince husband that flowers weren't groceries, but he wasn't having it.

While our everyday lives are not formal at all, having Easter at our house gave me an excuse to pull out the fine china and silver. Some of which was just handed down from Mimi, Jamie's grandma, to us (as mentioned previously here). Here's a picture of the table set up, before we moved it outside to sit in the gorgeous weather!
And the outside set-up.
Menu: Lamb chops, asparagus, tomato pie, kale, and sweet potato biscuits. Yummy!

For dessert, I made more of the iced sugar cookies. I had no Easter cookie cut outs, but it was simple to cut out my own (notice that there are more eggs than anything...hey! they're round!)
And in honor of the kick-off of Masters Week, we served Azaleas.

Finally, some family photos -
Hope your Easter was as lovely and enjoyable!


Ashley said...

LOVE the center piece! Sad about the wheat grass. And I want one of those cookies!

Sara Scheu said...

I've been reading your blog recently and I honestly can't remember how I found it! Possibly through some mutual Auburn friends. When I first saw your blog, I recognized your house, because it turns out we're neighbors. My husband and I took a walk through the neighborhood last night and you were both out in the front yard, but I was too shy to say anything! At any rate, your house looks great and I'm officially no longer a silent lurker! :)

Sara H

carolineo said...

Super cute cookies Mrs. Hargather!! Im very impressed :)