Wednesday, April 21, 2010


361 is the number of days that Jamie and I have been married. Crazy to think that's we are (very quickly) coming up on one year! Part of me doesn't want it to end....and part of me can't wait for 50 more.

15 is the number of thank you notes I still have left to write. Shame on me, I know. But technically you do have one year. I sure did drag that one out, didn't I?

One week is the duration of our anniversary celebration! We have deemed this Anniversary Week, and plan to take advantage of that. Tonight we're going to Parish to celebrate and hand off the first round of gifts.

1 is the number of hot air balloon rides we were gifted as an anniversary present. My boss is pretty good like that, so we'll be celebrating eaaarrrrrly in the morning of the 25th, flying high above Napa Valley.

5 is the number of people we'll be with on our actual anniversary. For our wedding, we were gifted an amazing Sonoma Valley, CA vacation home from some close family friends. It was too great of a deal and set-up not to invite some of our favorite people along.

9 is the number of days we'll be on vacation!

Countless are the number of amazing and blessed moments we've had during our first year of marriage. Cheesy? Absolutely. But oh so true. Marriage is the best, and I am so thankful that God created it like He did.


Bagwell's said...

Great post. I am so happy for you! If you still have 15 notes to write then I technically still have you a few days to get you your present! Have fun on your trip - sounds AMAZING!

Molly Hargather said...

you are hilarious! when we get back, would love to hang out! :)