Thursday, April 22, 2010

the gifts

Sweet Jamie didn't want me to post on this, but I don't see how I can't (plus I assured him that I have a total of about 11 people who read my blog :).

In the weeks leading up to our 1 year, Jamie had mentioned that he had no idea what to get me for our anniversary. There's not much that I necessarily wanted, other than household things, and none of those seemed very anniversary-ish. Not even my closest friends and family had any ideas for hiim.

So about a week ago, he mentioned that 1 - I wasn't allowed in the guest room closet, and 2 - his gift wasn't something he could/wanted to take with him to California. So, that's when we decided it would be anniversary week, and he planned dinner last night and wanted to give me part of my gift. (Another part is a manicure/pedicure tonight! Yesss!)

He called me on his way home last night, and told me I had to wait in our bedroom while he set everything up. I heard him clinging and clanging in the kitchen, and was so confused. Anyhow, he finally told me I could come out. With the warning that he had gone more sentimental this year.

And it was amazing.

There was this bouquet of pretty much all of my favorite flowers (save daffodils, which were impossible to find).
And then there was this...
He painted for me! And it's actually good! It's technically his anniversary card, with the note written on the back (he won't let me call it a painting b/c he says it's not).

I know, to anyone who reads this, you may not be freaking out over this like I was. But this is the husband is amazing. Truly amazing. But he's not necessarily the most sentimental man. It's amazing how the little things mean more than most anything else. He remembered my favorite flowers. He heard me mention that I hadn't had my nails and toes done in forever. He painted something...for me!!!

I, on the other hand, gave him the part of his gift that has no sentimental value what-so-ever. Well...I take that back. I had given him a pocket video camera as part of his wedding gift. Lost it. And gave him another one on our anniversary. Does that count as sentimental?? I am excited about my other gift to come after it's been given.

In the meantime, have a great weekend and next week! Think of us as we're sipping on wines, hanging by the pool, and relaxing!