Monday, April 19, 2010

dogwoods, sweet potato fries, and spoons

This past weekend was a classic Atlanta weekend. It's not often that we're in town and capitalize on the fun, spring offerings of the city.

Piedmont Park hosted the Dogwood Festival, and I decided it would be a great opportunity to get some friends together and enjoy the weather. Although a mish-mosh of friends (neighbors, co-workers, friends, etc), we roamed the booths (twice!), filled our tummies with yummy festival food, and soaked in the sun while we listened to the easy-listening main-stage bands.
The girls at the park

After the festival, we came back to our house, made pizzas, lit up the chiminea, and played spoons.

The girls at the house

Lindsay, her cards, and the spoons

The men were the last ones left

And just because he's the cutest lil' babe I know, here's a picture of baby Grant. We got to play with him after church, which is always a favorite!


Ashley said...

Fun day! :) Look how happy O looks in my arms!