Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monday Night Brewing

Last night was the officially launch party for Monday Night Brewing! What's MNB, you ask? Well, it's a group of three guys, all connected to Westside Church, who started experimenting with hops a few years back. Turns out they were pretty good at it, and they started hosting a Monday night event where they'd serve their beer to neighbors, friends, friends of neighbors, etc. All out of a garage. A garage that happens to belong to our neighbor, Jeff. (For the most accurate story, see the About section on their website.)

Next thing you know, their beer is actually on shelves! Well, at least in kegs at local watering holes. Last night, a rather large group showed up at Ormsby's to celebrate, and to buy their beer for the first time! Such a fun night of friends, neighbors, yummy food, and of course really great beer.
If you're out at any of these spots over these next few weeks, be sure to try one for yourself!


Greer Carlson said...

That's awesome!! So funny, but Linda & Tommy's neighbor (Robert) was filming those guys yesterday! Small world!!