Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beach Pictures

We had such a fun, relaxing vacation in St. Simons!

the little guys went out fishing with the
big guys...and look what they caught!

how cute are all of these kiddos?! second from the right is
my niece, hutton, who also happens to be my godchild...
who also happens to have inherited my wide open personality :)


RA showing us how to do the Cupid Shuffle
(while reminding herself via You Tube)

Hads and a parrot...downtown SSI

Jamie getting used and abused

"throw me, Uncle Jamie!"

our daily trek to the beach

cutest twins i know

my date and I at the Ocean Lodge restaurant

dancin' to the steel drums

mom, dad, and Collier

Hutton and her Martha Washington do

Christmas card photo session

i mean, seriously, how cute are they?!

Jamie, after an hour and a half paddleboarding excursion

Hutton and I take a turn

fun in the waves

lots of feet

shrimp boil