Wednesday, June 2, 2010

there are a few good people left in this world

Francisco and his mom, Reginalda, are some of them.

Long story short, I walked into Walmart last Thursday with my phone...and managed to walk out without it.

After searching for it, and calling it 20 times, I finally got someone to pick up on the other line! Turns out Francisco was answering the phone his mom, Reginalda, had found in the buggy at Walmart. They were glad to get the phone back to me (I mean, it's not exactly an iPhone we're talking about! see picture below), I just had to show up at the spot she works (right around the corner from us) when she was on her shift.

I was half expecting her to ask me for some money when I met her, but Regina (for short) showed me that there is still good in some people. She just greeted me happily with a smile, and with a thick accent said "Glad you have phone back."

My sweet Razr!