Monday, June 14, 2010

Southern Simple

Last night, I decided to try out three new recipes from my two favorite magazines - Southern Living and Real Simple. While I love reading every page from cover to cover (learning things like how best to dispose of grease or what to get dad for Father's Day), the recipe section is one of my favorites.

Forgive the terrible lighting, but the photo is of our dinner. Other than the chicken (grilled w/ S+P, and a sprinkle of garlic salt), everything else was a new recipe.

The corn was a slight variation from this recipe. Super simple, but I just never think to eat corn! The flavor from the grill and the kosher salt make all the difference.

The orzo salad with zucchini and feta was delicious...and different mainly because I never experiment with pasta.

And finally, the big winner was the grilled
peaches and blackberry basil butter. OMG...amazing! I had to include a better photo to give them more of the glory they deserve. Seriously...I could eat this butter on anything (I mean, it's butter...with blackberry preserves...and basil!). Basil was picked fresh from our herb garden!

Big shout out to husband Jamie who, while mastering the grill (3 out of 4 components of dinner!), also manages to look pretty handsome doing so.


nLk said...

i eat like 6 peaches a day right now, and i saw that recipe in southern living and thought about trying it...i'll definitely have to now!

carolineo said...

I have been dying to try those grilled peaches!! So glad you liked them. :)