Monday, May 17, 2010

The rest of Cali

This is the last bit, but I did want to share some photos from two of my favorite parts of the trip - our anniversary, and the home we were so graciously gifted to vacate to!

Hot air balloon ride, early on the morning of the 25th.
A gift from my boss and co-workers.

The views were breathtaking.

Napa Valley below

Perfect memory and start to our first anniversary.

Followed by a champagne brunch.

After a restful afternoon (and a nice long nap!),
we had a fabulous dinner by Sarah, the chef and
property manager at Applewood.

End of a great day!

And here are a few shots of Applewood. Again, we were super blessed and grateful that our dear friends, Robin and Chris would offer us such an amazing vacation spot!

Boys playing bocce in the front yard.

Another shot of my favorite spot.

The vegetable/herb garden.

The playground (for kids in the foreground, and for
adults in the back (aka basketball court)).

The back yard.

One of the hot tubs, which we visited every day.

One of the many cozy outdoor nooks.

The end.


marisa said...

ok, i'm officially jealous of this adventure! napa is on the top of my list -- looked amazing!! :)

nLk said...

has to be the most beautiful house i've ever seen. glad yall got to get away to celebrate...happy 1st anniversary! wishing you many more years of happiness.