Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ants in Your Pants

OR...in your house? I think I'd take the pants.

Since we've moved in (just six months ago), we've had an issue with ants. Big and small.

It started in our pantry - left side only, covered in small ants, a line of em' starting at our hot water heater. Came home one day to find them all in our food - cereal, wheat thins, pancake mix, etc. So we transferred everything to on top of the washer and dryer, laid out ant bait traps, and watched them die. Problem solved!

Oh how I wish.

Next up...big, fat ants on our porch. Leave the door open for a minute, and they were in the house. Husband buys a spray, spends all day outside spraying our foundation. Problem solved! (With the big ants, I think it actually is!)

Back to small ants. Come home one day to find a trail coming from just below our kitchen windown, down through the kitchen sink, and into the dishwasher. Nice. Put out more ant baits, and they eventually go away (although I don't see any die...hmm, I'm thinking).

Saturday was a busy day. Lots to do. So I don't have time for.....ALL the freakin' ants in our PANTRY AGAIN!! This time...both sides - along with the cereal and crackers, let's add flour, sugar, spices, etc. This is what our home currently looks like until we FINALLY call a pest control person...
This is what it took to convince my
husband that we need pest control!!

In other news...We finally got to watch the rest of Grey's last night...oh my goodness! Best one yet (except for husband making fun of me as I was sobbing throughout the entire episode).

And, this past Sunday, in his final game coaching soccer (for now), J's little team WON 1st in the tournament! Aren't they adorable with holding up their medals?!


Selena Slough said...

I hear you. The first time I dealt with bugs and mice in our house, I did all the cleaning myself. It went well for some time. But after the pests returned, I couldn’t manage to do everything by myself anymore. So, I grabbed the phone and called a licensed exterminator. I knew I had to when I saw from the attic and the cabinets the horrendous pile of animal droppings.

Selena Slough

Joshua Harvey said...

Ants in your pants are easier to get rid of than the ants inhabiting your house. It’s a good thing you managed to convince your husband to call for a pest control service before the infestation got worse. Anyway, I hope that procedure went well for you. Have a good day!

Joshua Harvey @ Invader