Friday, May 7, 2010

dividin' it up

For the sake of an overload, I'm breaking the trip up into three parts — 1) the first half with the Tarquinios, the Grogans, and Rich, 2) the second half with the Bourlon family, and 3) the big anniversary and the house (yes, it deserves its own post).

The first day, J and I met the Tarquinios and Grogans, and ate at a yummy sushi place in San Francisco called Domo. Unfortunately, Tyler wasn't feeling super great, so went ahead and left the city for Sebastopol. Because Linds and Gavin had to leave early, we had two rental cars. The guys decided it might be best for the girls to drive in one car and the boys in another.

Guess who ended up having the drive? Me. In San Francisco. With no idea where I'm going. Trying to follow the guys in front of me. With a GPS telling me one way to get there, and an iPhone telling us another route. Of course, we got separated from the boys, finally picked a dang gps to follow, and after freaking out a little, got to the highway. Funniest thing, we ended up right next to the guys at a light in downtown Sebastopol. Turns out they got a little lost too.

After making a trip to the grocery, we headed to the house to make dinner. This house is amazing. With the perfect set up for, well....everything. Including a great meal.
The guys firing up the grill

Linds and I by the outdoor dining area

Saturday we ventured out to our first wine tasting — Rodney Strong. And it was perfect. We had a perky girl who totally educated us on everything we needed to know. And believe me, we asked tons of questions. We then made our way to another winery, Hop Kiln, and then spent the latter part of the day just hanging out. The boys played sports galore, and the girls read and hung out.

One of my favorite spots...the day bed swing

Then Rich got into town —

Rich's cousin just happens to be a famous wine make in California.
These are all the brands he makes wine for.

John taking care of our wine tasting/tour at Outpost
The group at Outpost Winery

One of Jamie's good friends in Atlanta works for a guy who owns Quivira Winery. They set up a tasting for us...really, really good wine. And the property is beautiful! They have a garden in the back that was incredible.

The garden at Quivira

We made our way to the coast on Tyler and Will's last day. It was freezing, but beautiful!

J and I

There were tons of seals along the bank, but this little sucker was hanging out all by his lonesome. So the guys decided to see how close they could get to him. Isn't he adorable?

On Wednesday, we took the Grogans back into San Fran to catch their plane, and then we picked up the Bourlon family......