Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tagalong Ding Dong Tuesday

*Sidenote:  I'm ignoring some crappy events that have unfolded in the past day*

a.k.a. Devon's last day at Unboundary.  

In an effort to keep this post from being sappy and over-sentimental, I'll make it short and sweet.  Devon's one of those people that, as Dawn puts it, "just gets it."  She's been a great friend and has made my time at Unboundary much more enjoyable over the last two years.  

Unfortunately for us, but good for her, Devon's decided to embark on some new adventures that lead her out of the office and out of Atlanta.  She's taking a leap, but one thing's for sure - I know she's got great things in store and will do well wherever life takes her (first up:  road trip to the west, second up:  Indiana!).  

In honor of Devon, Dawn made our (new!) favorite dessert/snack - Tagalong Ding Dongs (created and concepted by Devon, Dawn, & I).  And D's last day just happened to be on a Tuesday.  Alliteration here we go - Tagalong Ding Dong Tuesday.  

Fun memories with a good friend.  We'll miss you, Dev.  

Tagalong Ding Dong Cupcake Dance
Tagalong  Ding Dong Cupcake