Thursday, July 30, 2009

is that my husband?

Damien Walters`09 from Teymur XXX on Vimeo.

Ok.  Obviously that is not Jamie.  But that's the sort of video he would watch and then make a comment that goes something like this - "You know I could do that."  And the crazy thing is, he probably could.  

In college, Jamie had a group of guys that consisted of some that were even crazier than he was.  Not crazy in the typical college - let's go get crazy and drink/party ourselves silly - way.  But crazy in the - I'll try anything - way.  

They repelled off skyscrapers in downtown Atlanta.  Jumped trains.  Did flips.  Dove off cliffs.  Attempted ridiculous tricks on longboards.  One of them even jumped from one car to the other on Buford HIGHWAY without either driver aware that he was doing so.   Sometimes I think they're lucky to be alive.  

Most of them have settled down at least a little, as they've gotten married, become fathers, or have just suffered from enough concussions that they decided it might be time.  And I'd be lying if I said I'm not ok with that, as some of their tricks might have left me with a heart attack.  But I'd also be lying if I said that I don't secretly love when the "no fear" Jamie comes out and he tries something new.  I mean, do we really have to grow all the way up yet?


K_Streams_Her_C said...

Jamie and Dan must have similar genes. I think he's done some of the exact same things your husband has...